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From extreme white water adventures and multi day expeditions to easy family trips, we can arrange the perfect trip for you.
  • Trishuli Rafting/Kayaking

    Trishuli Rafting/Kayaking

    Being easily accessible from Pokhara and Kathmandu, Trisuli is the most popular rafting river in Nepal. Rafting experiences in Trishuli are the easiest to handle and can be finished in a short period, you can be back in your home the next day or if you want at the very same day as well! We also offer a 2 day trip in this adrenaline packed river that gives you an unparalleled river running experience as you run its many chutes, bends and rapids.

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    • 2Days

    • 53 Kms

    • Mar-June, Sep-Nov
  • Sun Koshi Rafting/Kayaking/Expedition

    Sun Koshi Rafting/Kayaking/Expedition

    A wild and scenic river, the Sun Koshi’s giant waves, great rapids, and crystal-clear water inspire awe and gratitude. Our Sun Koshi rafting trip is the longest river running adventure we offer to the adventurous, and it takes you across a 270 km whitewater stretch described by National Geographic as one of ‘Top 10 Whitewater Rafting’ trips.

    The mood and color of the Sun Koshi river changes like the seasons and from relaxed grade II and III rapids in the first few days you move into more thrilling and challenging grade IV rapids as you go further downstream.

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    • 8-10Days

    • 270 kms

    • May-June, Oct-Nov
  • Bhote Koshi Rafting/Kayaking

    Bhote Koshi Rafting/Kayaking

    The Bhote Koshi is a white water gem that tumbles into Nepal from Bhot (Tibet). It is also the steepest river rafted in Nepal and is eight times steeper than the Sun Koshi. Our 30 km adrenaline packed adventure across this river gives you an unparalleled river running experience as you run its many chutes, bends and small waterfalls.

    The 2 day itinerary is suitable for both experienced and novice paddlers with great water releases guaranteed and rafting trips being available from March to June and September to December.

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    • 2Days

    • 33 Kms

    • Mar-June, Sep-Nov
  • Kali Gandaki Rafting/Kayaking

    Kali Gandaki Rafting/Kayaking

    The Kali Gandaki flows right down from the Himalayas in Tibet, entering Nepal and cutting into one of the deepest gorges in the world, separating the major peaks of Annapurna I on the east and Dhaulagiri on the west.

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    • 3Days

    • 55 km

    • Mar-June, Sep-Nov
  • Marshyangdi Rafting/Kayaking

    Marshyangdi Rafting/Kayaking

    The Marsyangdi is a swift river that offers excellent rafting opportunities and is an authentic Himalayan whitewater experience The rugged rock surface that forms around the river will definitely challenge the adventurer in you! Raft on the continuous rapids while you enjoy the spectacular scenery around you before stopping to camp in an unspoiled campsite.

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    • 3Days

    • 47 km

    • Oct-Dec
  • Seti Rafting/Kayaking

    Seti Rafting/Kayaking

    The Seti river, an important tributary of the giant Karnali is the ‘Beginner’s river’ which is popular among families and first time rafters.

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    • 2Days

    • 35 km

    • Mar-June, Sep-Nov

Kayak Clinic

Join our Kayak Clinic and let our river doctors teach you the art of navigating white water rapids!

Ever thought about running thrilling white water rapids solo? Or you have experience running calmer waters but you want something more challenging? Come join us. Say hello and let us know how interested you are in learning whitewater kayaking. We’ll then try and create a great course tailor made just…

  • Practical
  • Safety orientated
  • Semi-private sized classes
  • Experienced instructors
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17 Sep
Kayaking in Nepal
Kayaking in Nepal

Explore class II-III whitewater aboard inflatable kayaks, experiencing some of Nepal’s most spectacular terrain….

01 Jun
River running in Nepal.
River running in Nepal.

Nepal River Runners offers rafting expedition trips on different rivers of Nepal which includes names like the Sun Koshi, Bhote Koshi, Trishuli, Karnali and Arun.